Luuk ten Hoope

Warranty and Technology Manager - PSA Peugeot Citroën Nederland

Our collaboration with WK Automotive dates back as far as the late nineteen eighties. And of course, that's with good reason. Alongside the fact that the translations, in our case, mainly from French, are highly accurate (they certainly know how a car is put together!), we are also happy with the ease with which they tackle projects in a professional and pleasant manner. And that approach isn’t only confined to translations, because as a specialist, WK Automotive is surprisingly versatile when it comes to the range of services that the company can provide. The design and printing of posters for use in the workplace, for example, is always quick and easy to arrange. They can also be relied upon to provide interpreting services, so that dealership employees from the Netherlands can take part in English or French training sessions on site without any issues. What is more, we can rely on them to coordinate and take care of all communication regarding ongoing translation projects (of documents such as workplace handbooks and instruction booklets, for example), which requires them to be in direct contact with the PSA head office in France. It is always a comfort to know that work simply carries on as normal while we are away on holiday!

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