Into whatever language you like
Simply say what language you want. We'll take care of it. We handle translations from English, German, French, Italian and Spanish into Dutch in-house. Our translators are highly educated (higher education or university level) and have a background in automotive or drive technology. They understand everything they translate.
For other languages, we work closely with the best translation agencies across the whole world. Experts in the field of automotive technical translations. We engage only native speakers. People who were born, raised and live in the country in question. We subject our translation partners to a stringent selection procedure and operate in accordance with the ISO 17100:2015 standard. And whatever language it's written in, we check every text carefully.
A clear source text yields a better end result
For us, translation is far more than putting words into another language. We first look carefully to see whether the source text contains any errors, ambiguities or contradictions. Because our translators have a technical background, we can detect and resolve anything that is unclear. The result is a clear, unambiguous source text which can then be translated into all the world's languages. Without any differences between them. The result: faster turnaround times, better communication, fewer errors and increased customer satisfaction.
Localisation specialist
Every country has its own customs and habits, standards and values, laws and regulations. We of course take these into account when translating a text. For example we adapt measures and weights, expressions and sayings, the way dates and times are shown and spelling preferences. So you can be sure that your copy is in line with users' culture and customs. This prevents misunderstandings.

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