Case Study KantanMT: Custom Machine Translation for Automotive Manuals with WK Automotive

Our partner in Machine Translations solutions, KantanMT, has written a Case Study about their collaboration with WK Automotive.

One of our leading car manufacturer clients required a Proof of Concept (POC) demonstrating that cloud-based Custom Machine Translation (CMT) delivers improved productivity and return on investment. Rather than use an existing in-house MT system built on Moses, WK Automotive selected KantanMT to improve translation quality and successfully implemented the project. KantanMT was easily integrated into the MemoQ CAT tool for a seamless translation workflow, which saw a 15-25% increase in translator productivity.

Read the complete Case Study: Custom Machine Translation for Automotive Manuals with WK Automotive.

[Article] WK Automotive Selects KantanMT as its Preferred MT Supplier in a New Technology Partnership

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