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WK Automotive has the capability to take care of your entire documentation process and using a Content Management System (CMS) is certainly a useful tool that helps us to achieve that. The term CMS is frequently used when referring to the website management. Content Management Systems are also available, however, for managing documentation and information in general and that is what this article is all about.

The key features of a CMS

A Content Management System helps you to keep control of all your documentation flows on a number of different levels. These are the most important features of a CMS:

  • A central storage facility that can be accessed via a local network and/or the internet. Everyone involved in the publication process is able to access the system and work together: publication managers, authors, translators and so on.
  • Version management – sometimes, it is desirable or a legal requirement to be able to view earlier versions of documents. Version management is what makes that possible.
  • Management of metadata – metadata helps us retrieve information. Entering metadata manually can be very time-consuming and a CMS makes it easier.
  • Managing translations – the system keeps track of which files have been translated and which ones haven't. In cases where not all publications need to be translated into every target language, managing the translations can quickly become difficult. A CMS with translation management functionality prevents this.
  • Publication in a variety of media and in a variety of formats - the best option is to choose an XML-based file format that keeps the content and layout separate. Using style sheets, the information can be presented in any format or layout you require, such as in PDF format for printed matter or HTML format for use in a web-portal or app.

Combination with topic-based: Component Content Management System

Thanks to the smart use of topic-based writing, such as in DITA or S1000D for example, it is often possible to achieve a high degree of re-use. This, in turn, generates cost savings, especially with regard to translations and certainly in cases that involve a large number of target languages. A CMS is the most effective way of simplifying the management of the topics and the relevant translations. In cases of this type, the system is known as a CCMS, a Component Content Management System.

Want to know more about Content Management Systems?

Want to know more about the solutions we provide involving a (Component) Content Management System? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, without any obligation! We will be pleased to help you decide what facilities are most suitable for your needs.

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