The advantage of a full-service translation agency

Do your company's activities require the translation of texts and documents, but you haven't yet enlisted a dedicated translation agency? A translation is perhaps something you’ve let a colleague take care of in the past. Or perhaps you occasionally outsource documents to a translation service. Did you know there is added value in using the same translation agency? A full-service translation agency can spare you a lot of work. Saving you both time and expense. What's more, the translations can also become more cost-effective for you.

Using a dedicated translation agency: what is the benefit for you as a customer?

If you sometimes translate a document yourself, you may have noticed how much time it takes. Now, what was that product called again in Dutch? What term did we use in the brochure last year? Translating a document word for word is a sizeable undertaking.

That's why translation is a discipline in its own right. By using a translation agency, you can be sure your translation is handled by an experienced translator. In addition, translation agencies use special software that is able to determine which texts have been translated before for your organisation. These can then be re-used. This saves time for the translator, and costs for you!


Another useful feature: after translation, the text is entered into the correct format and proper layout. From presentation to brochure: you will be handed back the translated version in a ready-to-use format.

The advantages of a professional translation agency

Enlisting a translation agency means significant added value for you:

  • receiving your translations back more swiftly
  • The translation is immediately checked linguistically by a proofreader
  • Translations are supplied in accordance with your brand guidelines
  • Always using your own specific terminology
  • Consistency in your translations
  • Smart re-utilisation of previous translations, reducing your costs
  • Single point of contact for all conceivable language combinations

Within a specialist translation agency such as WK Automotive, its translators have all the specific professional knowledge necessary for a sound translation. With an automotive translation or technical translation, it is key that the translator understands how the technology works.


WK Automotive is a full-service translation agency and provides your documentation needs from A to Z. From writing and translating, to designing and publishing. Even extending to supplying printed materials. Would you like to try out our translation services free of charge? Request a free test translation.

Leave writing and translating to native speakers

"My colleague speaks good French, so we always let him do it."
"I will quickly write this text in English myself."

Regardless of how good your language knowledge is: unless you’ve grown up speaking it as a mother tongue, it will always be different to the level of a native speaker. For this reason, a translation agency uses the mother-tongue principle. The translator must even reside in the language area concerned. Only then are you always assured of a fluent and linguistically correct translation.


WK Automotive is certified in line with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 standards. This means you can be sure that the translation is always done by a native speaker, and that every translation is also linguistically checked by a proofreader.

Opt for a translation agency that listens to your needs and provides all the advice needed.

How do you choose a translation agency that is a match for you and your organisation? It's a good idea to consider in advance what level of service and quality is important to you. Do your texts include a lot of professional terminology or technical specifications? Would you prefer to not have every translation looked over by your colleagues? Does the formatting of brochures in other languages take up a lot of your time?

Clarity for the end-user, and convenience for our customers: that is the aim of WK Automotive.


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