Translating a manual is a discipline in its own right

Many companies are faced with this: translating the manual of your product(s). What are your requirements for translating a manual? Naturally, it should be a clearly readable text that is linguistically accurate. But the content also needs to be correct. That is why not every translator can translate a manual. Are you already using the right expert?

WK Automotive has the required in-house technical knowledge

As a technical translation agency, WK Automotive has supplied specialist knowledge of automotive documentation since 1988. We’ve been providing translations of manuals for over 30 years. These include user manuals for consumers, and workshop documentation for technicians. We know the importance of clear and correct instructions that are written using the correct terminology.

Our translators have a technical background, are trained at higher education or university level, and have knowledge of the technology they are translating. Translating manuals is their daily business.

Translating a manual or writing your technical text

If you wish, we can take care of all the steps involved in the documentation process for you. For quite some time now, WK Automotive has not only been a translation agency, but also a full service documentation specialist you can enlist at any stage. This process starts as early as the (technical) text writing stage. Translating and formatting of all your documents. Wherever necessary, we’ll support or advise you regarding any process and version management matters. We can even publish the documentation.

Are you looking to find out more about our services on a free and non-committal basis? We can easily make that happen: you’ll receive a short test translation from us free of charge if you haven’t worked with us previously. Request the test translation here now.

For example, you can opt to have a brief section of a manual translated. You will instantly see that we speak your language.

Are you looking to have your manual translated with confidence?

This is why customers opt for us:

  • High quality
  • Personal approach
  • Specialist technical and automotive knowledge
  • Swift replies to all your questions
  • Every conceivable language combination.
  • Full-service support


Our customers include both manufacturers and importers in the global automotive and motorcycle industry, as well as their suppliers.


Feel free to contact us for more information.

We speak every language

Wherever your organisation operates: We speak your language, in every language. Our foreign translators meet the same quality requirements as our Dutch in-house translators. This means that translations are always carried out by native speakers. Furthermore, every translation is corrected by a proofreader.

Whether we’re translating manuals, press releases under embargo, or label texts. We apply the same high quality standard to every project. WK Automotive is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 quality standards. With us, your text is in professional hands.

Are you looking for a translation agency?

Are you looking to know more about our working methods? Or if your manual can be translated in a better manner and more efficiently? We are happy to assist you, without further obligation. Naturally, you can also request a test translation directly. For other questions, e-mail or call us directly.

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Customer references
“They certainly know how a car is put together!”

Luuk ten Hoope
Warranty and Technology Manager - PSA Peugeot Citro├źn Nederland