Leave the translation of technical English to the experts

When translating technical texts, it’s vital that the translation is carried out carefully, that the correct terminology is applied, and that the translator understands how the technology works. That’s why it’s better to opt for a technical translation agency to translate your technical texts, rather than a standard translator. For us, translating technical English is our daily business.

Should you translate your documents in technical English into other languages or not?

A large degree of technical documentation is compiled in technical English. In some cases, companies choose to leave technical instructions in the original English language version. To utilise universal terms as much as possible for instance, or to save on costs. Nevertheless, translating technical English into the local language can be a good idea, and sometimes even essential:

  • People read more quickly in their own language
  • There is less risk of incorrect interpretation
  • Knowledge of English is not standard in every country
  • Documentation for consumers must often be available in the local language by law

Would you like us to leave certain words in English? Or to use preferential terminology for your brand or product? We will take this into account

We speak every language

WK Automotive can translate technical English into any common language. Wherever your business operates in the world.

We can also take care of your technical Dutch – English translations. And almost every other conceivable language combination. Challenge us!

An automotive translation agency with a passion for technology

It's all in our name: WK Automotive specialises in all matters car and motorcycle-related. From an automotive translation agency, we have now become a documentation specialist. Our technical expertise has expanded in line with our customer base.

We can help you translate manuals, in addition to your website texts, brochures and press releases. You’ll receive your documents properly formatted in accordance with your brand guidelines.

Would you like to experience our quality for yourself? Let us translate a small section of technical English for you. Free of charge.

WK Automotive is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 quality standards. So you can expect the highest quality from us, augmented with our personal attention.

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“They certainly know how a car is put together!”

Luuk ten Hoope
Warranty and Technology Manager - PSA Peugeot Citro├źn Nederland