How it all started

WK Automotive was founded in 1988. Right from day one, we have been handling translations of instruction manuals and workshop manuals for the automotive industry. Our first customer was the Dutch Toyota importer Louwman & Parqui. We still work for this customer today and in the meantime for many other importers and manufacturers too. WK Automotive is owned by Robin Groenendijk. A driven entrepreneur with a passion for the automotive industry.

How we developed to become a documentation and localisation specialist

As a specialist translation agency, we provided translations in every conceivable language. We realised that processes could sometimes be organised better and more efficiently. We found ourselves increasingly sitting around the table with our customers giving them advice about this. With success. Many customers now subcontract their entire documentation process to us which makes it more efficient, cheaper and with fewer errors.

WK = Word Knowledge

In the first few years, WK stood for the founder's initials but today, the letters WK mean Word Knowledge. A great description of our specialism. Today, WK Automotive comprises a close team of 22 employees.